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Why IT Professionals Should Welcome the Cloud with Open Arms

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IT Professionals are sometimes caught in a bind when it comes to the cloud. They are bombarded with ads and information on the advantages of the cloud for their business, but yet the cloud presents significant areas of danger and uncertainty. These could be grouped into three types:

  1. Professional: How do I know this is the best move for my employer? Will we be able to effect a seamless transition? Will our data be secure? What will be the financial impact?

  2. Reputational: What if I recommend this and it turns out to be the wrong decision? What if I don’t have the right personnel to ease our transition to the cloud? What will happen to my reputation at the company and in the marketplace in general? Is it safer or more dangerous to wait until some of my competitors have transitioned?

  3. Personal: Will I lose my job if it’s outsourced to the cloud? If I keep my job, will it change significantly and will I be able to keep up? Am I prepared for what comes next?

These fears are natural, because the cloud is still a fairly new concept and because there is confusion of ideas and nomenclatures (for examples, “private cloud” may mean on premise but may also mean private space on a third-party server).

However, there are 5 things to keep in mind that will help allay these fears:

  • The cloud is not going anywhere.
  • Like the Beatles song says, the cloud is getting better all the time.
  • The cloud means more, not less, security.
  • The cloud will allow IT professionals to diversify and gain valuable experience.
  • The cloud is the right thing to do, for yourself and for your business

We will expand on these concepts in our next blog posts.