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Our operations are based in Datacenters that design, build, and operate mission-critical applications, designed to support enterprise-grade colocation for commercial, web hosting, e-commerce, dot-com, government, social media and cloud services. As part of the NTT Communications group of companies, our datacenter is affiliated with a network of 150 datacenters worldwide.

Our datacenter delivers 99,9% of availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) even during maintenance windows. Our patented power management systems and fault tolerant cooling plants lead the datacenter market in reliability and efficiency.

With highly customizable and flexible colocation solutions for both retail and wholesale buyers, a carrier neutral telecommunications philosophy, unmatched reliability, and the highest customer loyalty in the industry, we meet the needs of high power density, data intensive, and network-centric enterprises.

CA1/CA2 Data Centers:

  • 500,000 sq. ft. campus
  • 37 MW critical IT load
  • 80 MW backup generator power

CA3 Data Center:

  • 180,000 sq. ft. building
  • 4 Vaults (PODs)
  • 14 MW critical IT load
  • 29 MW backup generator power
  • 20,000 sq. ft. customer office space and amenities