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Consulting Services

Accelerate Your Business

Calitech partners with clients to identify their objectives, define the desired outcome, formulate a strategy, and develop the supporting processes and technologies to ensure clients are in a position to realize the expected benefits from their business initiatives.

Business Process Excellence

Business process alignment and optimization ensures the enterprise’s business processes remain aligned with business goals, and are optimized to decrease costs, increase timely deliveries, and improve quality. Our consultants help you to build early consensus on process standardization or process introduction, identifying changes in realms of technology, people and processes across the enterprise while minimizing risks.

Business Intelligence Management

Realize visibility into your historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations. Our suite of services ranging from consulting about BI Strategy through delivery of packaged and custom BI solutions will add value for your decision making processes and gain more valuable actionable insights into your business.

Project and Program Management Excellence

Improve profit margins as well as on schedule and on-budget delivery of projects, while increasing customer satisfaction and quality of project deliverables.


Business Performance Excellence

Our team, comprised of dashboard, analytics, “Big Data” and data integration experts can help you derive valuable and actionable insights into your business, your customers, market trends, demand forecasts, etc., from islands of data across your enterprise as well as from contemporary data sources such as social media and mobile devices. Our agile and pragmatic approach to BI, as well as our suite of services, which include BI strategy consulting, packaged and custom BI solutions, data warehouse design/implementation, and data governance consulting, will add value to your strategic planning and decision-making processes while ensuring you have timely and reliable information to manage your day-to-day business needs.

Supply Chain Excellence

Sustainable operational excellence and competitiveness no longer just depend on supply chains that focus solely on speed and cost; agility to respond to changes in supply and demand, adaptability to meet shifts in the market and alignment of supplier incentives to improve results are all just as necessary. Calitech offers services in Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP), Strategic Sourcing, Material Management, and Supplier Management to assist companies in assessing, designing, developing and implementing supply chains that are agile, adaptable, and strategically aligned.

Enterprise Mobility Management

The ubiquity and pervasiveness of mobile devices unleashes the global workforce to leverage critical business information from anywhere and at any time. From managing customer information in the cloud to making financial transactions on-the-go, enterprise mobility has the potential to enable operational efficiency and transformation. However, without the right mobile strategy and capabilities, traditional IT organizations will face daunting challenges in their ability to take advantage of enterprise mobility in a cost-effective and secure manner. At Calitech, we guide our clients and help them design and build a scalable and sustainable enterprise mobility infrastructure while ensuring secure and cost-effective mobile solutions.

Optimizing Your Business Process

Calitech Guru provides effective solutions for business transformation services via cloud and on premise.

Our Enterprise Technology Solutions are divided into three divisions:




Merchant Payment Systems


Hardware, RFID and Mobility

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