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Organizations that make the decision to “go to the cloud” with Azure or another hosting solution may think that the work ends when data and applications have been moved and stored. In fact, good Cloud Management (also called Managed Services or Managed Cloud) is needed to exercise administrative control over public, private and hybrid clouds. A solid cloud management strategy allows users to maintain control over these dynamic and scalable environments.

A good cloud managed services company helps organizations that have decided to go to the cloud in different ways. It reduces administrative overhead because the organization no longer needs to employ individuals solely to manage and maintain their cloud. It ensures high availability and continuity so that the organization always meets its committed service levels. And it helps gain flexibility, which is sometimes hard to do in large hosting provider environments. And if the organization opts for a hybrid approach, it executes a seamless transition. Most importantly, good cloud management allows the organization’s IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as promoting innovation, and also gives the organization’s senior leadership the peace of mind to continue growing the enterprise.