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What happens if your data center is in another country?

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Calitech™ customers are headquartered all over the world, from the US to Europe, Latin America to the Middle East. Some of them have offices in multiple locations: Amsterdam and San Francisco; Brazil and Argentina; Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru. One question that comes up often is: What is the impact of having my data center in a different location? Some of our customers want a private cloud, others opt for a hybrid cloud, or they prefer to use an Azure data center but want Calitech™ to do their managed services, or to develop and implement their data disaster recovery plan. Whether you are in Ecuador or Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Chile or Colombia, you need to take into account 3 factors before you decide to store your data and applications in another country:

  1. Legal implications in your country: Some countries do not allow certain data to be stored outside their territory. Depending on the country, this could include healthcare data or data from financial service companies. In some cases, it is legal to store the data in another country as long as a copy is stored in the country of origin. Please check your local legal framework before you make a decision.

  2. Security: Data center location is irrelevant when it comes to security. Just make sure your cloud hosting or managed service provider has all appropriate certifications and personnel control safeguards.

  3. Speed of transmission: With today’s technology, latency tends not to be an issue regardless of the location of the data center. At Calitech™ we create demo environments so potential customers can experience and measure the performance of the Calitech™ cloud before making a commitment.

Once you check off these three factors, you will be able to store your data and applications in a Calitech™ data center or have Calitech™ manage them in a Microsoft Azure data center no matter where in the world you are.