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In the old days of IT, the model was to be on premise/colocation.  This gave companies a feeling of safety and high performance: there were no latency issues, data and applications were easily available and governance was simple and straightforward.

Later came the idea of “cloud” as a steady state cloud, or clouds. Adding a server was easy, and companies could feel comfortable and safe. Once again trust was not an issue, data and applications were readily available, operations were efficient and there were no complex migrations to worry about.

In our present day, however, the model has continued to evolve, this time to a Variable Cloud, which enables a hyperscale architecture. This architecture has the ability to scale as needed when increased demand is added. In hyperscale computing, the volume of data and the demands for workloads can increase rapidly and steeply, yet the environment can accommodate them quickly and cost-effectively. This is also known as “elastic computing”. Data can be efficiently consolidated, processes can be easily automated, and geographic reach is no longer an issue.

Managing a variable cloud requires knowledge and expertise, and companies wishing to evolve to this next step need an experienced managed service provider to ensure that both the migration and the ongoing experience are smooth and secure.