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Should you wait before going to the cloud?

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Should I wait or move to the cloud now?

When is the right time to move to the cloud? You know you have to migrate there – maybe some of your competitors are already in the cloud… but you just bought new hardware. Or signed a lease on new office space. Or hired new techs. Maybe you should wait until you amortize your new software?

The reality is that immediate cost savings are only one reason to move to the cloud. The more important, strategic reason is that cloud deployment offers more flexible IT solutions, so that you become more agile and increase your speed to market. As your target market evolves, you will have access to the latest applications without investing in additional infrastructure.

If you wait, you will be left behind.

Should you let your competitors get ahead of you and take advantage of the next generation of technology innovations?

Here’s an example: Say you work in an industry in which distributors are always in the field. With the cloud, mobile updates are made in real time and inventories are updated. Suddenly you’re able to predict the future: real time data enables you to make more exact demand forecasts so you can reduce excess inventory. Now you’re ahead of the curve. Thanks to the cloud.

So what are you waiting for?