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Food and Beverage in the Cloud

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In the past, food and beverage companies looked at the cloud as a way to reduce their IT costs in the short-term. But today, these companies are viewing cloud from a new perspective: as a strategic enabler of business transformation. Of course, cost reduction is important. But when looking at the future, business transformation is critical.

Traditional in-house IT services do not allow productivity and collaboration solutions like cloud computing does. The cloud allows food and beverage companies to gain efficiencies so they can scale faster and gain greater availability of IT services.

Of course, as we have said earlier in this blog, companies adopting a cloud strategy must decide if a public, private or hybrid cloud format is right for them. This goes hand in hand with a migration strategy, as they need to identify the most appropriate applications to move to the cloud, and in what order.

Of course, there will always be challenges. What about security and compliance? What about service levels? What will happen to my IT personnel? No matter what the type of cloud chosen, an experienced managed services company such as Calitech™ will help the transitioning food and beverage company scope out and prioritize the project so that the migration to cloud is as seamless as possible.