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5 Cloud Benefits for Small Businesses

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There is a common misconception that cloud computing is either for: a) large multi-site multinational companies that need better data integration across continents, or b) small technology startups that prefer to allocate their IT resources to innovation rather than to on premise hosting. This misconception arises from a poor understanding of what cloud computing really can do for a small business.

The reality is that many small businesses already enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. A 2014 report by Intuit found that nearly 80% of small businesses in the US would be fully adapted to cloud computing by 2020. Other countries may take a little longer, but they will also get there.

So, what are the actual benefits of cloud computing for a small business?

There are 5 key cloud benefits for small businesses:

  1. Cost Reduction: Small businesses save on IT personnel, physical storage space and hardware costs.

  2. Mobility: Small business owners can access their files at any time and from any device.

  3. Collaboration: Employees in different locations can work on the same project without needing to come to a central office.

  4. Risk Reduction: Cloud hosting providers have extremely secure locations – this is their main business after all – so your data is more secure than at your office.

  5. Room to Grow: Small companies can grow without worrying about needing more space or having to update software or hardware.

In conclusion, small businesses, which typically have limited space and limited budgets, benefit from cloud computing as much as, if not more, than large businesses.